Photography Services

At State of the Art Images, we take great pride in creating a unique experience for each client, starting with a personally-designed photo session that allows us to produce a custom portfolio of images and services that will excite, delight and inspire.

Prices vary based on individual client requirements. A refundable deposit is required to secure a specific event date. Rest assured that you may make changes and customize your package at any time.

Family Portraits

It is our privilege to share some of the most important moments of our clientsí lives. We delight in creating compelling images in fun and innovative ways to capture the essence of family - childhood, parents, grandparents, relationships and unique stories - special moments that evoke emotion. Our timeless, hand-crafted fine art portraits become family heirlooms to be treasured by many generations to come.

We offer individual, family and childrenís portrait sessions in our studio, the family home or location of your choosing. Prior to the session date, State of the Art Images will conduct a planning session to understand your goals, share ideas, discuss what to wear and explore possible locations for the session. This is not a sales session. Rather, this process allows us to get to know you and your location better so we can capture unique images that truly portray your family.

During the portrait session, which typically lasts 1.5 to 2 hours, we work with you in a casual, relaxed atmosphere to ensure a fun experience for the entire family. We shoot a variety of groupings and poses to ensure a selection of images that, when taken together, allow us to produce amazing results that will delight you.

Family Events

Let us capture the special moments at your family graduations, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions.

Executive Portraits

Executive portrait sessions are conducted at the client office or location of client’s choosing. This session is designed for business people requiring images for internal company use, publication or promotion.

Prior to the session date, State of the Art Images will conduct a consultation with the primary goal of better understanding the client location and goals for the session.

Commercial Photography

Our images allow you to creatively market products and services

Event Photography

Fashion Photography

Cutting edge, contemporary and timeless, State of the Art Images fashion images make great gifts for your spouse or partner.

Portrait Style Guide

Beautiful and memorable portraits require careful planning, and the clothing you choose is very important to your portraitís success. We control the lighting, angles, composition, and other creative elements of your portrait that give it artistic dimension to put you in the best light. However, for your portrait to have the depth, richness and ambience that make it a personalized work of art requires some preparation on your part.

Please take a few moments to look over the following suggestions. We want your sitting to result in a portrait that will not only please you today, but continue to earn your appreciation for years to come. These guidelines will help you make important decisions about your portrait.

Planning your portrait will help us to create a very personal work of art for you. As a decorative focal point in your home or office, it will serve as a reflection of your good taste, as well as an appropriate expression of your personal style. Please feel free to discuss any questions or ideas you may have in advance of your sitting with us.

Preparing For Your Portrait Session with State of the Art Images

Fine art portraiture captures your facial expression, mood, and presence. The goal is to direct the viewerís attention to the face or faces in the portrait. Anything that distracts the eye from you -- colors, patterns, accessories, or props -- should be avoided.